What is good oral hygiene? Weybridge dentists have all the expertise to answer the question

Looking after your teeth is hopefully second nature. Thankfully, levels of awareness when it comes to oral hygiene are pretty high in the United Kingdom but it is always worth reminding yourself of what is involved when it comes to having a healthy and functioning mouth.

Probably the main factor involved in your oral hygiene is how you physically take care of your teeth. You should brush your teeth with a tooth brush, tooth paste and a little water, at least twice a day. But there is more to it than that. You should be brushing every area of your mouth so that plaque does not remain on any area of your teeth at all. The tooth paste you use should be fortified with fluoride and your tooth brush ought not to have frayed bristles and it should be comfortable to hold also.

Make the right dietary considerations so that you are not exposing your mouth to too much plaque and are attaining a general level of health that can give your immune system a boost. Remember that you can always brush after a sugary snack even if you have already brushed that morning.

The results of good oral hygiene are that teeth are strong and free from cavities. The layer of enamel that coats teeth should be robust from the fluoride you use and thus able to withstand acidic plaque. Your gums ought to be a healthy shade of pink and not feel too sensitive when you eat or drink things that are hot or cold.

Get your dentist in Weybridge involved so that your mouth can be regularly looked over by a trained expert.