What is cosmetic bonding in Sunbury?

Image you owned a classic car in Sunbury that would look fabulous were it not for a couple of minor dents and scratches. All you’d need is a light bit of touching up to the body and it would be back to its former glory. Well, apply this philosophy to dentistry and you arrive at cosmetic bonding. To get great looking teeth, you don’t always have to go down the road of veneers or crowns. Cosmetic bonding is another technique used to restore a problem smile. It can be used to fill small gaps in the teeth, lighten stains, combat decay and repair cracked, crooked or chipped teeth, by using resins. But it’s more popular application is white fillings. It’s a fairly straight forward procedure requiring a local anaesthetic to reduce any discomfort. The teeth are prepared with a light etching solution to which the colour perfect resin can be applied in a series of tiny layers, each layer being light-cured to harden within minutes. Once the final coat has been applied, the resin can be finely sculptured to fit in with the rest of the teeth and then lightly polished to achieve the desired affect. Cost is another real incentive behind choosing this treatment, one tooth coming in at a third the price of a veneer.