What are dental implants? Sunbury dentists can answer all of your queries

Dental implants are becoming ever more well known in the United Kingdom and are gaining a great reputation for how they can be used to replace lost teeth. Taking as their ethos the idea that tooth replacement need not be a solution that is removable, dental implants are essentially a permanent way to replace lost teeth.

They require surgery in order to be put in, because the dentist in charge will need to place the implant beneath the gum. In order to do so they will make a small incision in the gum and then place the implant against the jaw bone. The placement is carried out with great precision so that the implant can fuse with the bone. This process of osseointegration is the really clever thing about dental implants because it means that the implant that houses the replacement tooth is incredibly secure.

Your Sunbury dentist will then put a temporary replacement tooth into the implant and stitch up the area. A follow up appointment will be necessary where your dentist will check how the area is healing and place a permanent replacement tooth into the implant.

Dental implants won’t be suitable for everyone because of the nature of the procedure that is inherent in the process. Age is not necessarily a factor; dentists are far more concerned with the general health of the patient and how well they will be able to heal after the operation. If you are deemed to be a suitable candidate for dental implants and decide to go ahead with the work then you can look forward to a life time of having a full set of teeth once more.