Weybridge dentists whiten teeth with affordable Enlighten

Over the course of the last ten years there have been many improvements in the standard of cosmetic dental treatment. As a result of this, the price and availability of these treatments has gone down and up respectively. This has meant that treatments that were once very expensive are now more affordable to people. For example, tooth whitening systems like Enlighten, which were once the preserve of the rich and famous are now available in almost every dentist surgery across the country.

Enlighten uses specially designed trays to keep the active ingredient close to the teeth. In this active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide which penetrates the tooth enamel and bleaches any areas of discolouration or staining. This makes the teeth look whiter and healthier and can even take years off your appearance. Using Enlighten products it is possible to make the teeth up to ten shades whiter than they were before the treatment. As you can imagine this has quite an impact on your appearance.

This is perhaps one of the main reasons that teeth whitening is so popular. The other of course is that it is one of the cheapest cosmetic dentistry procedures. With treatments starting at just £60 you can really begin to see why so many people are opting to have the treatment performed.

Dentists in Weybridge are offering the short-course whitening treatments that can be carried out in as little as one appointment. They also offer more extensive programs of treatment that last up to two weeks. These are the kind that achieve the best results, but with a noticeable difference being seen in just one afternoon, there is no reason that even a small treatment could not make you feel more comfortable with your smile.