Weybridge Dentists Offer Dental Implants

In Weybridge, dentists use dental implants to replace lost teeth. Data has shown an excellent 5 year survival rate for these implants. There are other ways to replace teeth, however Weybridge dentists say that dental implants are invaluable and the best preference in the majority of situations where natural teeth are lost. They are stronger and look better than other tooth/teeth techniques used to replace teeth. Dental implants can be used for single tooth replacements or in cases where a few teeth, numerous teeth, and all teeth are missing. Dental implants have been used for many years to anchor removable partial and full dentures as well. These techniques and procedures will be explained to you in great detail when you visit your Weybridge dentist.
Weybridge dentists are trained in implant placement and can perform these procedures. There may be times when your Weybridge dental clinic will refer you to an oral surgeon, if visible complications are seen on your X-rays or in your mouth. The use of an experienced dental team is better at times for the patient(s).
Fabricated from titanium alloy, dental implants are very strong. They have a barrel-like shape, with an area for the final tooth attachment. A hole is drilled into the oral bone where the implant is to be placed using a specific drill, paying special attention so as not to injure vital anatomical structures. Therefore, after discussing dental implants with your dentist, a detailed clinical dental examination that will include dental X-rays, study models, computerised tomography and planning to locate the best implant location and type will be required. A clear acrylic stent will be fabricated to aid the dentist in the dental implant placement(s). Ask questions and take your time in deciding until you are comfortable with the decision. In Weybridge, we are here to help!