Weybridge dentist restores appearance of worn enamel with porcelain veneers

Teeth can come under attack from a number of sources. Most obviously, they are at risk constantly from the dangers of plaque and bacteria eroding the enamel and causing dental problems. This can also lead to the enamel of the teeth being in very bad and worn condition. As well as causing a number of serious dental health problems this can also look very unseemly and spoil the appearance of the tooth. Other problems that affect the look of your teeth include discolouration caused by staining from food and other substances. The teeth can also be affected by conditions such as uneven spacing. In all these cases the teeth could considerably benefit from porcelain veneers.

Veneers are ceramic caps that fit over the top of the existing teeth to improve the appearance. They are designed for your individual teeth cemented in place using a tooth coloured bonding resin that also adds a protective element to the veneers.

Veneers are commonly made from porcelain because it offers a similar appearance to real tooth enamel, even having a slight translucent appearance reminiscent of tooth enamel. They will be designed to restore all the cosmetic elements of healthy teeth including alignment, spacing and colour.

Modern porcelain veneers are also incredibly thin which means your Weybridge dentist does not need to remove any healthy dental enamel to fit the new veneers over the top. This has often been the problem with veneers in the past. Modern veneer technology also uses the latest digital x-ray and three-dimensional imaging to reduce the manufacturing time needed and overall treatment time. To find out more about the potential benefits of porcelain veneers, ask your dentist at your next appointment.