Weybridge and everyday Oral Hygiene

So what is your oral hygiene program in sleepy old Weybridge? Are you doing the right thing, using the right stuff? Well you will find out from your dentist soon enough when you next visit and you are having the odd filling and some pretty harsh cleaning and polishing done because this should be a sign in itself that you are doing something wrong, and while you are there, you should ask your dentist what you are doing wrong and pick up a few new tips. Oral hygiene starts with your brush and if you get the right one from the off, you will be on your way to healthy teeth: shop around and be patient until you get the right one. Then, there are the toothpastes to choose from and again it can be a bit of ‘try it and see’ before you get it right. But this is not enough anymore, so you need to floss as well to remove food and stuff from the places your toothbrush can’t get to; tiny inter-dental, hand held brushes are also good for this. And finally when you rinse, rinse with a fine mouthwash as well as some of these are great for killing any left over bacteria. Persevere and you will manage to keep your teeth wonderfully healthy and avoid any unnecessary problems that plaque could lead to in the future.