Using CEREC techniques is a great way to speed up common dental practices, say dentists in Sunbury

Dental surgeries all over the United Kingdom are being improved through the infiltration of new technology. The benefits that this brings to patients are something that many people are getting a great deal of satisfaction from. The use of digital techniques is allowing patients to be in and out of the surgery quicker than ever and they find that common dental practices are a great deal quicker than they used to be.

CEREC is the commonly used name for practices that employ digital and internet techniques in dentistry. The most significant way this is affecting dentistry is in the way that traditional x-rays are being phased out of use in many practices. The traditional x-ray is flat and displays images in only two dimensions. What’s more, these useful but flawed images have to be sent off and developed in specialist labs, adding to the cost and increasing the overall time that treatments take.

Digital x-rays used in CEREC-driven treatments yield images that are presented in three dimensions and navigable on a computer screen. This means that only one image needs to be taken and it can then be used in conjunction with internet technology, giving practice an efficient edge.

A good example of how CEREC techniques are changing dentistry is when it is used in the process of fitting porcelain dental veneers or porcelain dental crowns. Many dental surgeries, including some in Sunbury, now have so-called ‘online milling machines’ which are hooked up to the internet and can construct crowns or veneers in a matter of minutes when the data from digital x-rays is fed into them.