Treat Your Smile to Lumineers in Kingston-upon-Thames

We are bombarded in Kingston-upon-Thames with the options of cosmetic dentistry. From laser treatments to veneers, we are spoilt for choice. But on the subject of veneers, they have proved their versatility and durability over the years that have made them a very popular choice. But now there are a new generation of hybrids coming onto the market that are softer on the teeth and designed simply as a quick smile makeover. Lumineers are just so, and they are the epitome of how slick cosmetic dentistry has become. Traditional veneers, for all their advantages, involve the removal of the tooth’s enamel before being attached. With lumineers, they are simply ‘glued’ over the surface of the existing tooth, rather like fake nails on a finger, which if you think of them like that, makes them a fashionable ‘must have’ for the person on the move. Wafer thin and less durable than a porcelain veneer (they are good for 5 years with care), they do give a million dollar look to the mouth and they cover a multiple of sins, just like a veneer. Tooth preparation is minimal and if you combine them with CEREC treatment, you can have a new look in less than two hours, and like fake nails, the treatment is reversible.