Trained Sunbury Dentists use Inman Aligner to Straighten Front Teeth

Inman Aligners are relatively recent removable orthodontic devices used to straighten upper and lower front teeth. Inman Aligners are now being offered in Sunbury. The Inman Aligner has been shown to straighten front teeth in a very short time (i.e., from 6-8 weeks). It works by applying minimal forces to the front and back of the front teeth simultaneously, until they are properly aligned.
This device is patient friendly, and can be removed while the patient brushes and flosses. This device is also cheaper than Invisalign®. Drawbacks of the Inman Aligner are that is uses a visible metal anterior bar, and does not help with more complicated orthodontic cases. The Inman Aligner incorporates small springs that keep a steady pressure on the teeth, and is comfortable for patients.
Inman Aligners are designed and made to eliminate many visits to the dentist during the process. Your dental office will make you a follow-up appointment. However, if any problems arise, contact your dental office when they occur; don’t wait for your appointment. The Inman Aligner takes very little time to get accustomed to, and should be kept on your teeth 16-24 hours daily. It may take you 48 hours to get used to, and you may experience minor pain that can be relieved with acetaminophen and ibuprofen, or other NSAIDs. Call your dentist for an appointment today and find out more.