Tooth Restored Fast by Cerec Technology in Kingston upon Thames

In just one visit, your dentist in Kingston upon Thames can restore your teeth with a ceramic crown, veneer or inlay using Cerec technology.

The process is fast, efficient and precise because the technology uses computerized design and machining. Cerec is used to repair discoloured teeth, a chipped tooth or damaged tooth with a ceramic crown, veneer, inlay or filling.

How is the Cerec process done?
• First, your dentist will examine and prepare your damaged tooth for the Cerec process.
• Then a digital image of your tooth will be taken with a camera.
• Using computer-aided design, your dentist designs your crown or veneer.
• A milling machine will fabricate your crown using high-quality ceramics in just several minutes.
• Your crown will be polished or glazed in a dental furnace.
• The dentist will cement your crown or veneer into place using a chemical bond.

Cerec technology gives you the following benefits:

• Just one visit. At the end of your first visit, the process is done.
• Dentist-designed crown or veneer. Your dentist who has examined your teeth is also the one who will design and fabricate your crown.
• Resistant to cracks. Your teeth, crowns or veneers are made of ceramic blocks that can endure pressure.
• Matched colour. Your crown or new tooth matches your natural teeth.
• Tooth preservation. Much of the strongest part of your teeth is preserved through chemical bonding.

With Cerec technology, you do not need to suffer weeks of temporary fillings or crowns. With Cerec, your dentist in Kingston upon Thames can give you your most captivating smile in just one visit.