The Range of Braces on offer in Weybridge

Having to have braces is one thing in Weybridge, choosing the one to suit you is another. Then to cap it off, you need to find and orthodontist that suits you to do it! Tricky! The thing is this is an important decision so it shouldn’t be rushed. You should always do some research on what’s available and make sure you go armed to the dentist with lots of questions and if you’re not happy, find another until you are happy with your choice. A word of warning here- try to find one close by, because unless you have the luxury to travel, you are going to have a lot of appointments to check the progress of your treatment. Then of course, what treatment you want comes down to two things- vanity and cost. There are many discreet aligners and braces on the market. Invisalign for example, is a clear, nay, almost invisible aligner, that is removable and work faster than others- which is great if you can’t bear the thought of being mocked, especially at school, but it’s more expensive and may not suit the work you require. On the other end of the scale, braces can look like railway tracks in the mouth and are often fixed for the duration, which can be a couple of years- that needs to be taken into consideration. You have some that can work in six weeks, others in six months. Just make sure you do your homework, find out what work you need doing and then find out what you can afford.