The Invisalign Brace is a brilliant innovation, says a Weybridge dentist

As braces go the Invisalign is a wonder of the modern technological age we live in. Using all that technology and computer power has to offer, this brace is a brilliant innovation says a Weybridge dentist. It’s so called because it is advertised as the invisible brace, and to an extent that is true. The innovation comes in many forms, from the 3D film of the entire process that is made from the beginning, to the fact that they are replaced every two weeks to ensure they work properly. From digital photos a computer program works out all the pressure point and where the springs and pulleys will be placed under pressure. An orthodontist then makes the series of braces which are fitted every fortnight by the dentist. The patient can also remove the piece, which resembles a sporting gum shield, for eating and cleaning their teeth. As long as they keep them in for at least 20 hours a day they will accomplish the job in hand, and that is to straighten the teeth. The process agitates the jaw line as well and this makes the body produce more bone cells, these are then deposited behind the moving teeth and build up to form a barrier that stops the teeth falling back into their old position. It seems that everything has been thought of here, and it is becoming very fashionable to have one fitted to fix your wonky teeth. The busy executive likes them as they can lose them when doing meetings.