The Inman Aligner roars into Surbiton

There is something that may have gone completely unnoticed to you in Surbiton, but that is hardly surprising because its speed is the nature of this beast- the Inman aligner. Now if you suffer from buck front teeth but are worried about long drawn out treatments, you’d be well advised to get up to speed with this bespoke little gadget- it’s an engineering miracle from across the sea and highly recommended by a Surrey practice. It is due to the mechanical make-up of the device that limits its use to the front teeth, but oh my oh, how this thing works! For starters, it sits barely visible in the mouth and anchors on the back teeth. Then a wire is fed via a spring around the front of the teeth. This spring also operates a bar that pushes the teeth on the inside while the wire pulls on the outside, so¬† the teeth are in constant movement and this means that they move very fast….up to six weeks fast!! Such rapid change in how your teeth have been moved means that a retainer will have to be worn afterwards to prevent the teeth spring back. However, throughout the treatment, you can remove the device whenever it suits you, though it needs to be worn a minimum of 22 hours a day, child’s play considering the treatment will be over in a flash!