The Importance of Dental Check-ups in Molesey

Some people in Molesey still live under the illusion that dentists are put of this earth to inflict pain- they’re not. A dentist’s prime directive is to look after your teeth and if you miss a regular check-up, you do so at your peril for things can get out of hand in your mouth pretty quickly if left unchecked. The point of a check-up is to firstly check your mouth for any signs of decay or gum disease and that your teeth are in good health; if there are any problems, they will rectify them. Then they will remove any buildup of plaque and tartar and then clean your teeth. But you should also see your dentist as your confidant and confide in them like you would your doctor. Seeing your dentist is a good time to discuss oral hygiene and maybe, talk to them about any problems you have; you can even discuss the options of cosmetic dentistry. Remember, your dentist knows as much about your mouth as you do and they can build up a history of your mouth and teeth, that will make treatments easier to diagnose and carry out (for them and for you), in the future. Failure to get your teeth checked out can also lead to serious issues arising in your mouth, and by going unchecked, can be very costly to rectify in the long run.