The expertise of Surbiton dentists helps patients avoid dry sockets

Having a tooth extracted is thankfully something that most people will never have to think about. It is the last resort of dentists who are understandably anxious for patients to have as many natural teeth in their mouth as possible. But sometimes a tooth has become so unhealthy or damaged that it is best to remove it and think about replacing it with something that, although not a natural tooth, can function properly.

Dentists perform many tooth extractions and they have to be very well trained to qualify as practitioners. Even so, the aftermath of a tooth extraction will always be rather painful. This is normal when you consider that the nerves and the blood vessels at the site will be having adjust to the loss of the tooth. But if the pain is particularly bad is simply not going away then you must contact your dentist because you might be suffering from dry sockets.

Quite simply, dry socket is what happens if the blood is unable to clot properly at the site of a tooth extraction. This can occur as a result of a number of causes. Those who are taking immune-suppressive drugs or are using a birth control pill can have problems with the clotting of their blood anyway, as can people with other underlying health issues. Sometimes the blood clot can be dislodged if adequate care is not taken of the area. Smoking can sometimes hinder the recovery of an extraction and cause dry socket as can too much sucking, for instance through a straw.

Keeping in touch with your Surbiton dentist is the best course of action if you have had a tooth extracted so that you will feel like you can report any problems to them.