The Debonair Dental Implant in Kingston-upon-Thames

You have probably heard about it, wanted it, but never thought you may be able to afford it- a dental implant, well think about it again.

This is rapidly becoming the treatment to have in Kingston-upon-Thames if you’re confronted with tooth loss in some form or other. It is a treatment that thanks to the laser, computer and 3D imaging etc, has become as easy to perform as having a veneer fitted.

It still sounds pretty painful, what with having a tiny titanium spike screwed into your jaw through your gums, but a laser does this with the utmost precision and with the minimal of damage, so that your mouth recovers quickly. It is so fast that you can have one fitted in a couple of hours.

Dental implants are starting to resign the dental bridge and dentures to the history books. The dental implant is robust and possibly better than the original root, as it will last for life and your teeth and gums are not as vulnerable to the abuse of bacteria. Your new teeth will also be very strong whilst looking unbelievable natural and restore the freedom to your mouth you may have thought you’d lost forever.

But the growth in the popularity of this treatment is not just borne out of how efficient and fast it is, it is also because the costs involved can be met by anyone. You can pay into dental insurance and payment plans that will help you to spread the costs if need be.