The dangers of leaving a Tooth Abscess Untreated in Surbiton

It’s a funny thing about problems with your teeth and gums, they can seemingly go away after a while and you could be lulled into thinking that you have nothing to worry about, but nothing could be further from the truth and a potential storm could be just around the corner. Mulberry dental care of Walton serves the Surbiton area and they are the people to call about all serious conditions that crop up in your mouth, as it is always wise to be ahead of the game when an emergency comes along. One such serious emergency is when a tooth abscess comes along. These are the direct result of poor oral hygiene that has led to tooth decay. When they strike, your face will swell up badly and you will suffer from excruciating pain. Now in some cases, you can counter this with painkillers and after a while, the swelling may disappear, but again, don’t be fooled that you’re okay, because your not. It needs to be treated with antibiotics before any work can be done to repair the decay in the tooth in order to save it. But an abscess feeds high toxins into the bloodstream an in some cases, this can poison the brain and put you into a life threatening coma. It’s a condition that requires immediate treatment from your dentist if around, if not, take no chances and get to a hospital as soon as you can.