The benefits of Dental Crowns in Sunbury

You’d like to think that people in Sunbury would know how to care for their teeth what with all the lovely little oral hygiene products on sale in the shops. But, we are all human and can make mistakes when it comes to looking after our teeth even if we are using the best that dental companies can throw at us. The problem is, things can go astray very quickly in the mouth: plaque soon turns to tartar, and this can lead onto gum disease and tooth cavities and before you know it, tooth decay. When the problem is at level, you are going to have to have a root canal, followed swiftly by having a crown fitted. Dental crowns help to restore the shape of the tooth and ensure you retain the ‘bite’ of your mouth; they also help to keep the beauty of your tooth. You have a choice at this point as to what ‘style’ of crown you can choose- if you have the money you can have it made from anything that floats your boat, but you should also consider where the crown is to be fitted as different areas of the mouth go through different stresses. All porcelain crowns are pretty and look so natural, but they are the ‘weaker’ option so they would really be best at the front of the mouth. Gold and porcelain-on-metal crowns are toughies on the over hand and can take a good bashing- especially is you love your food so these would be your good choices towards the back of your mouth.