The Art of Perfect Teeth – Lumineers in Sunbury

As we get a little older and our teeth start to get a little jaded, we can start to get a little envious of those around us in Sunbury who have lovely teeth. This is probably the time then to give Mulberry dental care a call and ask about Lumineers. These are a form of dental veneers that have been designed from a specially patented porcelain, specifically to get the job done quickly and then discarded when there life span comes to an end; the job being to take the tiredness out of your mouth and replace it with youthful exuberance. They are incredibly thin, but they get there strength when they are cemented into place. Preparation is minimal and they are simply glued onto the surface of your teeth to cover up all of the bad evidence. They are not designed to be in for the long haul, just a short sharp fix so you will be lucky to get over five years out of them, but the beauty is that the process is reversible, unlike traditional porcelain veneers that require the removal of the tooth’s enamel. But in conclusion, they will make your smile superior to what it was and stop you moaning about others- in fact, others will be moaning about you!