The advantage of Cerec in Weybridge

“I just don’t have time to get to the dentist and get my teeth done- I’m too busy.” Sound familiar? But what if you could get everything ship-shape and shiny in around an hour? Well, help is on hand in Weybridge with CEREC treatment. This treatment can fit crowns, veneers, inlays and bridges and it’s comparable in price to traditional methods. It’s incredibly simple. You arrive at the dentist and have a digital image taken of your teeth, that’s fed into a computer. The product is manufactured there and then in around 15 minutes to correct colour and size. Whilst this is going on, regular dental treatments can be carried out as well as the preparation for the fitting. If any problems arise, they can be rectified on the spot, unlike the more traditional wait of a couple of weeks. If you consider that this can be combined with other treatments such as ZOOM! whitening, it’s possible to go into the dentist as an ugly duckling and come out a swan in the same sitting. That’s the beauty of this technology- speed and results. Ok, so you may have to miss lunch, but you’ll look fabulous eating dinner!