The ‘6 Months Smile’ is here in Molesey!

There’s no doubt that the thought of wearing braces on the teeth can strike fear to the hearts of most people in Molesey, especially the more ‘mature’ of us. But whether or not you consider yourself too old for lengthy procedures in the mouth, there is one thing for sure, those odd, annoying teeth will not fix themselves and will, if you’re honest, always nag away at you. But God bless America! Yep, they’ve got the answers to everything wonky in the mouth, and the 6 months smile is a beauty. It’s not designed to do major occlusion work the mouth, it’s put in to make you look pretty again, and quickly too, getting those irritating teeth into place. Once suitable and signed up, your teeth are prepped for movement; in some extreme cases this may involve the removal of a tooth, but normally just a bit strong polishing will do the trick. Then you are fitted with a tooth colored brace- great for discretion, and that is regularly adjusted by your dentist. Working on only the ‘showy’ teeth, it does what it says in the title. It will require a little more work to clean, however, it doesn’t affect your chewing or your speech and anyway, it’s only in there for 6 months and no more nagging teeth …give it a serious look!