Teeth whitening in Shepperton dental practice

Teeth whitening means making the colour of your teeth whiter or lighter than the present colour without causing any harm to the teeth. It will not make a complete colour change but it definitely gives a brighter look the reason for whitening the teeth is personal .Everyone looks different in their skin colour and hair. The same way some one’s tooth is brighter while others have discoloured teeth.
Causes of teeth discolouration
the food we eat have a major in role in staining our teeth. Tea,coffee,Wine, carrot orange and deeply coloured food stuffs taking over a long period of time can cause teeth discolouration. Smoking is another reason for discolouration because the nicotine leaves a brown deposit on the teeth. Certain antibiotics can also because teeth stain which are very difficult to remove. The colour of the teeth and age has a direct relation in staining, as people get older the stain will become more stubborn and more extensive treatments are required. The shepperton dentist says that some genetic factors also become more pronounced with age.
Teeth whitening procedure
there are three whitening options available in shepperton today and all of them depends on the strength of the peroxide and its application duration .Professional bleaching is the most common method of whitening the teeth.
Your dentist is the right person to decide the mode of treatment. Usually the gum is protected with a shield and then the whitening material is applied.
Ones the treatment is started the patient is advised to continue the treatment at home that is applying the whitening product for two to four weeks for 30 minutes to one hour at a time. There is also another method called laser whitening .Laser whitening makes the teeth 5-6 times lighter. This can be done in one hour time, but you have to be examined by a dentist to make sure that you are fit for the treatment. Laser whitening is more expensive than bleaching.
There are also home kits available for the teeth whitening. Over- the -counter whitening is the cheapest and most convenient of teeth whitening options,
How long will it stay whither
The dentist in shepperton says the effect will vary from person to person also it depends on the persons diet .Regarding this all the quires should be discussed with your dentist before starting the treatment.
Side effects of the treatment.
Teeth whitening is considered to be safe provided all the procedure are followed accurately.
The most common complaints is their teeth becomes sensitive to cold during and after the treatment. usually the symptoms are temporary.
There are also many whitening toothpaste available in the market. Teeth whitening can only be done on the natural teeth. Stained crowns and dentures need replacing.
To maintain your whiter smile the dentist in shepperton have some suggestions .After your treatment at home follow the instructions given by the dentist. Avoid deep staining foods and drinks at least for one week after whitening. Practice good oral hygiene..
Quitting smoking can help you to have a brighter smile and a regular visit to the dentist will help you to maintain a brighter smile.