Teeth straightening braces; the latest styles and news from a Weybridge dentist

Getting your teeth straightened isn`t just limited to the young, these days adults are using new style braces that straighten teeth in 3-8 months, say a Weybridge dentist. The reason may be down to us being more conscious of unsightly teeth, or it may just be that new advances in brace technology have improved so much. Whatever the reason it is proving extremely popular. The Invisalign is an invisible brace that has all the technology built in to it, no longer do we have to have metal strips cemented to our teeth. The brace looks like a see-through gum shield, and it comes in a series of braces. Firstly your dentist will take digital photos and X-rays of your teeth, then a mould is taken and the whole lot is handed to an orthodontist. They consult a programmer who scans all the results into a computer program, this then works out all the dimensions and maths for making the series of braces. They are then fitted every 2 weeks by the dentist; they will keep an eye on the progress of the movement of your teeth as they are straightened. This is done by using the 3D film that the programme also produces when doing their calculations. This also allows you to see in 3D the whole procedure and the end result. The other advantage these braces have is that they are removable at any time, and then easily replaced by the client. This is great for eating meals and cleaning your teeth when required. Depending on the movement required, the procedure can take just 3 months in some cases. The technology allows new bone to grow behind the moved teeth; this prevents the teeth from sliding back into their old position.