Teeth grinding can be severe discuss Bruxism with a Surbiton dentist today.

Bruxism is most commonly known to most as grinding of the teeth and usually comes in combination with jaw clenching, typically happening during sleep. It is something that happens to quite a lot of people in their lives and with most cases it is mild enough that they won’t realise. Bruxism is a very common sleeping disorder, all the advice you need on treatment can be found at a Surbiton town dental practice. Although in most cases Bruxism is mild it can cause issues with your health if it is severe. There are a range of common symptoms of Bruxism such as: earaches, headaches, insomnia, depression, very sore and painful jaw, increased sensitivity of the teeth, anxiety and stress. Bruxism can also bring about strange wear patterns on the occulsal surface, create fractures in the teeth, and over time will lead to occulsal trauma which often results in tooth loss and gum recession. There is no one accepted cure for this disorder but there are treatments available that can severely reduce the Bruxism and even eliminate it completely these treatments include: mouth guards, splints, Nociceptive trigeminal inhibitors, biofeedback, botox, dietary supplements, and general repairing