Surrey dentists are experts at performing dental implants surgery

Thanks to advances in dental science, dentists are now able to replace lost teeth in a way that is so secure and permanent that patients soon forget that they ever lost a tooth in the first place. Using a clever technique that allows a replica of the root to naturally bond with the jaw bone, dental implants provide patients with an incredibly secure solution to their problems with missing teeth.

Filling up the space where a tooth used to be is very important. Even one missing tooth can have effects on the mouth as other teeth have a tendency to shift into any space that has been vacated by a tooth that has been lost. This might compromise the alignment of teeth and leave the patient’s bite out of line.

Dental scientists found out a number of decades ago that the metal titanium can fuse with living human bone. Ever since then they have been honing the technique of making and fitting dental implants until it has reached the high standards available today. Titanium is also incredibly light in weight and so it does not put excess strain on the mouth.

The implant is placed beneath the gum and against the jaw bone where the titanium and bone can fuse together in a process that scientists call osseointegration. Then a replacement tooth can be fixed into the implant and the patient has a realistic and stable replacement to their lost tooth that can be treated just like natural tooth.

To get all the requisite information about dental implants and what is involved in the surgery, you can speak to your dentist in Surrey. The success rate is very high and a growing number of patients are delighted with their dental implants.