Surbiton gets the Inman Aligner

With any form of dental treatment, be it cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics, there is always one that stands above rest and catches not only eye but the imagination as well, and right this minute there is one just landed with lightening speed that catches in the surgeries of Surbiton- the Inman aligner. Think about this little scenario: you’re sitting a home preening yourself and thinking that ‘yes, I’m still good looking but it’s the way my teeth stick out at the front that ruins the day’. Now, you may have been thinking this for a few years, but you don’t like lengthy dental treatments either. Thing is, if you don’t do something about, it will bug you for life. So if it is only buck teeth at the front that are off, you should introduce yourself to the Inman aligner. It will become your new best friend because as it rocks those teeth to and fro with its unique ‘I push, you pull’ mechanism, the teeth move into place a super-sonic speed….. hope you are sitting down for this- in 6 weeks minimum! You’ll need a retainer to wear for a while at home because the teeth will move back otherwise into their old place. Throughout the treatment, you can take it out to clean, to eat, or to get affectionate- whatever, but this is a revolutionary treatment in the art of tooth alignment and one worth looking at.