Surbiton dentists tell their patients all about dentures and how they work

Dentures have become the butt of many jokes over the years and their reputation has suffered as a result. But they have a long and noble history of replicating the functions of lost teeth in the mouth and they deserve to be reassessed. This is especially so given the technological changes that have produced modern dentures, vast improvements on the dentures from the past.

Humans have sought to replace lost teeth with false ones for many, many centuries. In ancient times they would use animal teeth or wooden replicas. Over time we have become much better at producing replica teeth, especially whole sets of them if a patient has lost all of their teeth. For much of the twentieth century dentures were mass produced in a one-size-fits-all fashion and if you needed dentures you simply had to make do with the one you were given, in spite of the unique shape of your mouth.

Dentists now make dentures individually for their patients and as a result this overcomes some of the problems that wearers faced in the past. The primary problems were that dentures were often uncomfortable and prone to slipping out of the mouth. With tailor-made dentures, they can stay in the mouth easier and are made from materials such as Valplast which irritate the gums far less.

Dentures represent an affordable solution to tooth loss, much cheaper than, say, dental implants. Also they don’t involve any invasive surgery. This is perhaps one of the reasons why dentures are still so popular amongst older generations of people. If you are anxious to know more about dentures, beyond the negative stereotypes which persist then have a chat with your Surbiton dentist next time you are in the surgery.