Surbiton dentists produce happy, healthy smiles with their advice about oral hygiene

Dentists in Surbiton are telling their patients all about how they can look after their teeth and gums to ensure that they have long lasting oral hygiene. This is valuable advice because it means that patients won’t have to think about going to the surgery for invasive procedures which could easily have been avoided if only better care had been taken in the first place.

The point of taking measures to protect oral hygiene is to prevent dental ailments from happening rather than treating them once they have taken hold. A key part of this is the removal of plaque from teeth. This acidic substance is unavoidably formed once you have eaten sugary and starchy foods and drinks. The problem with plaque is that it begins to break down the tough layer of enamel which coats teeth for protection.

The best way to remove this plaque is to brush your teeth with a tooth brush and a fluoride tooth paste. Floss as well so that the plaque cannot hang around between the teeth and start to cause cavities and gum disease.

Going to see your dentist every six months is just as important as the care you take of teeth at home. Giving a trained dental expert the chance to thoroughly look over the state of your mouth means that any problems can be diagnosed and treated early. You might just be avoiding the need to have some time-consuming surgery further down the line.

So make an appointment to see your Surbiton dentist as soon as possible. They can give your mouth the once-over and tell you all about what you need to do to secure many years of oral hygiene that reaches the highest standards.