Surbiton dentists offer cosmetic dentistry to give your mouth a makeover

Keeping your teeth strong and healthy is vital in ensuring that you are able to eat, drink and talk with ease. But that is not all that dentistry can be used for. Did you know that your dentist is also able to improve the appearance of your mouth? Cosmetic dentistry procedures, widely available in the United Kingdom, can give your mouth a makeover and leave you smiling with pride.

There are a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures available to see to all of your needs. Teeth whitening treatments can be carried out either in the surgery or at home from a kit you can buy from a super market or pharmacy. They can restore your teeth to a shade of shiny white that will astonish your friends.

Dentists can place veneers or crowns if you have lost a tooth or have one that has broken down or unsightly. These processes are incredibly fast thanks to advances in modern technology. Your dentist can take a digital x-ray and send that data to an online milling machine which fabricates your crown or veneer in little over five minutes, ready to be fitted. Cosmetic dentistry can fit into even the busiest lives.

These and other procedures can be combined to give you a ‘smile makeover’ if there are several issues you need addressing with your mouth. Many dentists now offer interest free repayment plans so you can spread your payments over a period of time to suit you. As such, cosmetic dentistry procedures are even more affordable than ever.

If you have a wedding coming up or a holiday and there are issues with your smile that you want addressing, talk to your Surbiton dentist about what cosmetic dentistry can do for you.