Surbiton Dentist Treats Bad Breath

Many people that have bad breath, or halitosis, are not even aware that they have this problem that can be very embarrassing. When you visit your Surbiton dental clinic, they will explain to you why this has occurred, and help you to remedy this problem. Certain foods can cause bad breath, such as garlic and onions, and you may think that using a mouthwash will take care of this problem. The thing that you may not realize, is that garlic and onions create metabolites that enter the circulatory system, and then go to the lungs where they are expired, thus causing the bad smell. This condition will remain with you until these foods are metabolised completely by your body.
Performing proper oral hygiene, by brushing and flossing at least two times daily for at least two minutes each time, can help you to prevent halitosis. Make sure that you brush all surfaces of your teeth properly, and also brush your tongue. Xerostomia (i.e., mouth dryness) can also increase halitosis, so if you have this condition, you should carry some sugarless-candy or sugarless-gum with you to stimulate your salivary flow. Chewing tobacco or smoking can make your breath stink, along with several medical conditions. Your Surbiton dentist will make a referral to a doctor if they can’t figure out what is causing your halitosis. Make sure that you are honest with your dentist while answering questions on your medical history form and speaking with them. Surbiton dental clinic will help you to eradicate your halitosis and take care of your other dental needs.