Surbiton dentist has the answer with Inman aligner

There are very few people who are completely happy with their teeth. There are so many problems that can occur with the teeth. They can be discoloured, cracked, chipped or even worn down. There are cosmetic treatments that can be used to restore the appearance of all of these issues. But what if your teeth are simply not straight? What can you do to align your teeth?

Well, one option is to go for braces; a form of orthodontic teeth straightening that involves fixing metal brackets to the teeth and attaching them to wires. This is an effective way to straighten the teeth but let’s face it, it’s not the most attractive. We probably all know somebody who had to wear braces and we know what a pain it can be. There is also the length of treatment to bear in mind. This can be as long as three years in some cases, and that’s a long time, especially for a teenager in the difficult emotional years.

There are other options however, including the new Inman aligner that promises straighter teeth in as little as six months. The Inman aligner works by focusing more on the teeth at the front of the mouth. By moving the lateral teeth out using the power of a coiled spring, the front teeth then have room to move into. A metal bar, the only part of the brace visible, aligns the front teeth giving you a more symmetrical and better looking smile.

Inman aligners can work in as little as ten weeks and are becoming very popular with brides-to-be wanting a healthier smile for their special day. The Inman aligner, from a Surbiton dentist, is also completely removable. As long as it is in the mouth for about twenty hours a day it will still work to straighten the teeth. Ask your dentist for more information.