Surbiton dentist can offer advice on gum contouring

Healthy looking gums frame the teeth. This framing of the teeth is just as important as the framing of a picture. Sometimes overly large or misshapen gums can lead to an appearance known as a gummy smile. This excess of gingival tissue affects 7% of adult males and 14% of females when in full smile. Although there is nothing wrong with the teeth themselves, the symmetrical appearance of the gums is just as important to a great smile as the teeth and a gummy smile can often be a source of embarrassment.

The overgrowth of gum tissue can be caused by several factors. It is often nothing more than a hereditary disposition but it can be caused by some common blood pressure medication. Excessive gum tissue can easily be treated by a process known as gum contouring or lifting.

This treatment consists of applying a local anaesthetic to the gums, and a laser is used to remove the small amounts of excess gum tissue and to reshape the edges of the gums. This is usually carried out on the six front teeth on the top row, which are usually most visible when smiling. Discomfort to the patient is kept to a minimum, as the blood vessels are sealed by the laser, allowing for a speedy healing process.

There may be occasion when tissue reshaping alone is not enough to solve the problem. In these circumstances the bone at the root of the front six teeth itself may have to be reduced. This is to make sure that the gums are the standard three millimeters from the bone. If this bone is not reduced there is a chance that the gum tissue may grow back. Although more complicated than a simple gum lift, it is still relatively comfortable for the patient.

Although not completely without risk, gum contouring is a relatively painless way to achieve the smile you always wanted. Surbiton dentist will be able to explain the treatment in more detail and assess whether gum contouring could be effective for you.