Sunbury dentists help to diagnose central apnea

Central apnea is a condition which causes the sufferer to stop breathing in their sleep. It can be extremely debilitating and might lead to serious consequences. Thankfully dentists can help with diagnosis as they have access to the mouth, where evidence of central apnea can be found.

Sufferers of central apnea frequently stop breathing during their sleep because the brain fails to send the right signal that keeps them breathing. It is usually associated with a severe, underlying condition such as heart disease or a problem with the brain stem. Stroke victims have a higher chance of developing central apnea, as so the morbidly obese.

Because sleep is so disrupted in cases of central apnea, the sufferer might be chronically fatigued during the day. As a result they are more likely to have accidents while driving. The hypertension resulting from not having a proper night’s sleep can lead to heart failure and strokes.

Dentists can help because they have access to your mouth. The other main type of apnea is called obstructive apnea and is caused by the airways becoming blocked during sleep. Your dentist can tell if obstructive apnea is occurring by looking at the soft palate at the rear of the mouth. If you think you are experiencing apnea of some kind, mention it to your Sunbury dentist during a check up and he or she might be able to tell you if it is obstructive or not. If it is not then you should seek advice from a medical professional.

Various devices can be worn during sleep to stop central apnea from occurring but it might be the case that the underlying problem causing the condition needs to be sorted out before central apnea can be relieved.