Sunbury dentist straightens teeth in six-weeks with Inman aligner

The Inman aligner is the latest in a long line of orthodontic straightening appliances offering straighter teeth in a shorter time with a much smaller impact than fixed-metal braces. The aligner is perfect for achieving small straightening movements in a short amount of time, particularly on the upper and lower front teeth. Many dentists are using the Inman aligner as an alternative to the Invisalign clear plastic braces. The Inman aligner is not as completely discreet as the Invisalign treatment, as a small metal bar is visible along the front of the teeth, but the Inman shares many of the benefits with the Invisalign treatment and is up to 75 per cent faster.

The Inman aligner works by using the power of a coiled spring to adjust the position of the lateral teeth. This creates room for the front teeth to be pushed and pulled into a straighter position by the metal straightening bar along the front of the teeth. The appliance completely is removable but for best results should be worn for at least 20 hours a day.

Like most orthodontic appliances, the Inman aligner will initially be slightly uncomfortable as the teeth get used to the pressure being applied. This discomfort is rarely more than mild and will usually pass within the first week. It may also initially affect speech and cause the patient to salivate more but again these are temporary issues, and the patient quickly adapts.

The cost of the Inman aligner treatment varies according to the length of treatment, the level of straightening required and the level of expertise of the dentist but you should expect to pay between £1,250 and £2,500. This is considerably cheaper than many other straightening systems including the Invisalign plastic retainers.

Inman aligners have many advantages over other orthodontic braces. The most significant advantage is the length of treatment, which at between 6 and 16 weeks is much faster than any other brace on the market. The treatment is so quick that many patients are using it to straighten teeth before important special occasions such as weddings. The Inman aligner is also widely used and will be offered by nearly all dentists unlike some other braces that are only licensed to certain dentists. Sunbury dentists will be bale to offer you the Inman aligner treatment for effective and quick teeth straightening.