Sunbury dentist ends embarrassment of missing tooth with dental bridge

A knocked out tooth is probably more unpleasant than you can imagine. Just ask anyone who has experienced it. Losing a tooth to decay is equally as distressing but what is probably more painful is the emotional distress of feeling that your smile and teeth have been ruined and that you are no longer attractive. A missing tooth in the dental arc is pretty easy to spot, especially if in the front, so many patients are very keen to replace it as soon as possible.

There are a number of ways of doing this but perhaps one of the most effective, and certainly cost effective, is with a dental bridge. This involves constructing a ‘bridge’ across the missing tooth area using dental crowns and an artificial tooth called a pontic. The crowns are attached to the teeth on either side of the gap and then an artificial tooth is fused to them using dental bonding. This way, the appearance of the tooth is restored as well as a large part of its functionality.

Dental bridges can last up to twenty years in some cases if looked after especially well, although it is more likely that it will last between ten and fifteen years.

In some cases, if the adjacent teeth are in very good condition, the dentist may be reluctant to remove any healthy enamel to fit the dental crowns and maybe able to attach the pontic just using resin bonded strips. This is often called a Maryland bridge but is not suitable in all cases.

Once in place, the dental bridge will look very realistic and natural, as the pontic will have been specially made to look exactly like the existing teeth. Ask your Sunbury dentist for more information about dental bridges and if they could be suitable to replace your missing toot or teeth.