Sturdy dental implant from Surrey dentist restores smile

Over the last few years Surrey dentists have noticed a surge in demand for dental implants. This is because dental implants are becoming more widely known as the most solid and realistic form of dental replacement and one that can last a lifetime without the need for constant repair and replacement, unlike some other dental substitutions. But just what is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is drilled directly into your jawbone to act as a base for an artificial tooth. This probably doesn’t sound all that appealing right now, but the process is carried out under anaesthetic and is painless. Once anchored onto the jawbone, the screw is then left for several weeks or months to fuse together with the existing tissue and bone. This is what gives the dental implant its incredible stability; it’s almost as if it becomes part of the body itself.

Once it is fully fused, the dentist can then attach a post to the screw, which is then used to hold in place an artificial tooth. This will have been chosen to closely match the colour and shape of the other teeth in the mouth. Because the dental implant is the only dental replacement to restore the whole of the tooth from root to crown it looks and feels the most realistic.

It is also possible to have series of smaller implants fitted to act as a base for a set of dentures. This has provided much relief to many denture wearers who are often concerned about loose dentures and the embarrassment of having them fall out at exactly the wrong moment. Ask your dentist for more information about the benefits and costs of dental implants. They could be just the answer you have been looking for to restore the appearance of your smile.