Stunning smile with teeth whitening from Surbiton dentist

One of the most popular and widely available cosmetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening. This is a process of removing stains and discolouration from teeth by bleaching using specially formulated whitening gels.

Most teeth whitening procedures use a combination of in-surgery and pre-prepared take home treatments in custom-made trays. In both forms teeth are bleached using a peroxide-based gel that can be varied in strength for safer home whitening kits. Using gels with high compounds can have damaging effects on the soft tissue of the gums and lips and is only used with the necessary safety equipment by a dentist. It is possible to buy whitening kits from the internet but this practice is discouraged because of the dangers of highly concentrated whitening gels.

Teeth become discoloured for a variety of reasons. In some patients it is the result of medication or a medical condition. More commonly it is the result of various lifestyle choices such as drinking coffee and red wine or using tobacco products. It is also a fact of life that teeth lose their colour over time just as hair turns grey. Enamel becomes stained over the years and begins to turn a yellow or even a brown colour, depending on the patient. Whitening kits aim to bleach the discoloured enamel, returning it to its former, whiter colour making the patient look younger and healthier as a result.

It is possible to make teeth look up to ten shades whiter using whitening kits but this does vary from patient to patient. It is also true that some patients respond to treatment much faster than others. In some cases it will take several treatments to notice any discernable change in colour. If performed by a dentist there are few side effects to teeth whitening. Some patients report having slightly sensitive teeth for several days after treatment but this pain soon fades naturally. There are many different whitening systems on the market, each promising exceptional results but it is a good idea to discuss treatment with a Surbiton dentist to assess which product would be most suitable for your teeth.