Stunning dental crown with CEREC from Surbiton dentist

In the past, dental crowns required at least two visits to the dentist to fix. During the first visit the tooth would be filed down and an impression taken so that a crown could be manufactured in the laboratory. A temporary crown, usually made of plastic would be fitted to protect the tooth until the next appointment, which could be up to two weeks later. However, new technology means that dental crowns can now be designed and fitted in only a single visit to the dentist.

The leading exponent of this new technology is a company called CEREC. They are leading the way in single-visit technology, reducing appointment times for patients needing dental crowns and improving the overall quality of treatment. CEREC works by using three-dimensional imaging made possible by digital x-rays. These images can be produced instantly on a computer without the need for conventional developing. Using the images, a Surbiton dentist can then design a dental crown and visualise exactly how it will look when fitted.

The next step is then to manufacture the crown from a single piece of porcelain using a computer-guided mill. A single dental crown can be produced in less than ten minutes and because it is made from a single piece of porcelain it will be incredibly strong. It also means that crowns no longer need to be manufactured form part metal and part ceramic to provide the necessary degree of strength.

CEREC technology is revolutionising the way dental crowns are fitted and greatly improving both the level and time of treatments. CEREC can also be used to manufacture porcelain veneers and filling inlays to produce aesthetically stunning and durable dental repairs.