Straighten teeth without braces using Inman aligner from Sunbury dentist

If you are unhappy about the alignment of your teeth but have never really fancied the idea of wearing fixed orthodontic braces to correct them, then the Inman aligner may be just the tool for you.

The Inman aligner was introduced towards the end of the 90s in the US and has been causing a stir in the dental community ever since. In the last few years it has also been more commonly used in the UK to straighten teeth in remarkable fast times. The Inman aligner can produce visibly straighter teeth in as little as six weeks, although for the maximum effect Sunbury dentists recommend wearing it for six months on average.

The aligner works by using the power of a coiled spring to move the lateral teeth. This then creates room for the front teeth to move into and straighten. The teeth are simultaneously pushed and pulled into position and aligned against a discreet metal wire, the only part of the aligner visible when in the mouth.

One of the other major benefits of the Inman aligner, apart from its fast results, is the fact it is completely removable. As long as the aligner is worn for around twenty hours a day it will retain its effectiveness but this does mean it can be taken out for eating, playing sport and any other important occasion.

The Inman aligner is also cheaper than most other orthodontic straighteners, which may account for its rapidly increasing popularity. It really is the straightening device for people who don’t want braces and could give you the perfect teeth you’ve always wanted. Ask a Sunbury dentist for more information about the Inman aligner.