State of the Art ‘Lumineer’ Veneers Offered to Patients from the Surbiton Area

We all get self-conscious smiling or speaking if we have imperfect teeth. Teeth that are discoloured, chipped or perhaps crooked can leave us feeling embarrassed. As more of the people on our TV screens dazzle us with perfect white even teeth, many of us have started to look into having the same perfect, even teeth but don’t know where to start.

What is the solution?

The answer to this problem for people from Surbiton and wider afield is veneers. Veneers are ultra thin laminations of porcelain that covers the teeth. But, Lumineer veneers are the finest veneers on offer as they are even thinner than the normal veneers on offer that are constructed in a laboratory and there is little or no preparation needed for the teeth which is a real plus. Generally teeth remain as they did prior to the veneers being applied.

Who are the Luminous veneers aimed at?

There are a number of problems that veneers can solve. These include discolouration of the teeth which many of us suffer from, straightening crooked teeth, teeth that are chipped, broken or imperfect and they can also bridge the gap between teeth that had a wider space than needed. They give a smile makeover and turn an imperfect smile into a perfect smile radiating perfect straight white teeth. Who wouldn’t get a confidence boost?

Luminous veneers are not aimed at everyone so do speak to your Mulberry dentist who can book in an oral consultation to see which veneers will suit your needs best. The Mulberry Dental Care services have a whole range of veneer solutions for everyone.