Solve missing teeth problems once and for all with dental implants from Sunbury dentists

Nobody wants to lose any of their teeth. But the fact is that sometimes it happens, as a result of a sustained lapse in oral hygiene, gum disease or even a one off accident which has affected your mouth and dislodged a tooth. It is very painful indeed to lose a tooth but it must be dealt with as soon as possible. This is so that your mouth is able to function as it is supposed to and also so that you can regain your confidence by having a full set of teeth to show off when you smile.

There are a number of options available to replace lost teeth, ranging from dentures (a full set or a partial on) to dental bridge work. All of these methods are effective in their own way but if you want probably the most permanent solution to tooth loss then you might want to consider dental implants.

Dental implants work by replicating the lost root part of your tooth. Instead of the root, essentially a socket is installed beneath the gum, into which a false tooth can be secured. The stability that this allows for is incredible, especially when one considers that the dental implant will, over time, fuse (or osseontingrate, to use the clinical term) with the jaw bone itself. The titanium they are made from has the special combination of properties that innovators always look for: extremely lightweight and also very durable.

Your Sunbury dentist will be able to give you all the information about what is involved with having dental implants fitted. The process is too invasive for some but the results are truly long lasting, allowing you to get on with your life as if you never lost a tooth in the first place.