Shepperton dentists replace lost teeth effectively with dental implants

There are many potential causes of tooth loss. Gum disease – which as many as three quarters of the adult population in Britain suffers from – is a major cause of tooth loss, more so than tooth decay itself. A one off accident can loosen a tooth, leading it to fall out. Sometimes poor health generally might cause teeth to fall out. Whatever the cause, it is vital that you have them replaced so that your mouth can function as it should.

An increasingly popular option to replace lost teeth is through the use of dental implants. Dental implants act as substitutes for the lost root part of the tooth. They are a bit like a socket for a false tooth and represent a long term and particularly stable option which allows you to treat the replacement just like a regular tooth.

Your dentist will need to make an incision into the gum in order to place the implant. This is usually done under local anaesthetic. The implant is placed against the jaw bone so that it can fuse with it. This process of osseointegration provides the tooth with an incredibly stable foundation. The titanium that dental implants are made from are ideally suited for this process and are extremely lightweight and durable too.

If you have lost more than one tooth, a replacement tooth installed with a dental implant can support more replacements using the dental bridge technique. Once installed, dental implants provide a solution to lost teeth that should last you a life time. Even your closest friends won’t be able to tell that you have had some of your teeth replaced as modern replacements are incredibly natural looking.

If you have lost a tooth or teeth, talk to your Shepperton dentist today about the solutions offered by dental implants.