Shepperton dentists have the best solutions for patients and their teeth grinding

If you have sudden and unexplained aching in your teeth and jaw then it is possible that you are grinding your teeth in your sleep. This common activity amongst United Kingdom adults can have severe consequences and needs to be dealt with so that the health and functionality of the mouth is retained.

Health professionals reckon that there are two main causes of what is clinically known as bruxism. Patients who suffer from psychological stress often grind their teeth during the night as a manifestation of their anxiety. There can be dental causes of bruxism too, most commonly if the patient has teeth which are misaligned and so grinds them together when sleeping.

In doing so, patients run the risk of wearing down the vital and protecting enamel coating on teeth and leaving themselves open to developing cavities. In extreme cases, teeth can actually break down and begin to entirely lose their functionality. Disorders with the TMJ (temporomandibular joint), the bone which connects the jaw to the skulls, can also ensue, with patients experiencing aching jaws and shoulders and putting themselves at risk of suffering from muscular spasms.

Wearing a mouth guard is a simple way to ameliorate the effects of nocturnal teeth grinding. Your Shepperton dentist can easily make you one of these simple devices which will take the impact out the grinding and protect their integrity. If the problem is with the alignment of your teeth then it might be recommended that you wear a brace or one of the other devices which can correct the layout of your teeth and ensure that you won’t slip into grinding your teeth at night anymore.