Shepperton Dentist Helps Save Knocked Out Teeth

If your child loses a tooth during an injury, it is important to know that you don’t have to replace the baby (“primary”) tooth, however the more quickly you can get the adult (“permanent”) tooth back into the mouth, the better its chance for survival. The tooth will have the best chance of survival if it is placed back into the mouth and its socket within thirty minutes. So, make sure you watch the clock, as each minute counts.The first thing you should do is to place a piece of tissue in your child’s mouth to control any excess bleeding. Also, this way your child will not be screaming and you can concentrate. Then find the tooth. See if the tooth is a baby tooth or a permanent tooth. A baby tooth will be very small and smooth. Once you have determined that it is an adult tooth, call your Shepperton Dental clinic or doctor immediately, or go to your local emergency room. Do not touch the tooth’s root, only the crown portion of the tooth. Immediately place the tooth either into your cheek area, a glass of milk, or salt water. Tap water should only be used as a last choice, because it contains chlorine, which can injury the tooth’s root. If you can, you should try to place the tooth back into your child’s tooth socket, that is if he or she is old enough to hold it in place, and will not swallow the tooth. Make sure to keep your dentist’s number available at all times. If possible, your dentist will try to save the tooth, by replacing it and splinting it into place using the adjacent teeth. Also, make sure if your child plays sports to have a sports guard custom-made at your Shepperton Dental Clinic.