Shepperton Dental Clinic Offers Dentures

Shepperton dentists have replaced teeth using dentures. Edentulism can negatively influence facial support and leave one feeling older than they really are. Shepperton dentists can fabricate dentures that look very realistic and fit properly, as well as leaving you feeling confident thus helping to improve your lifestyle. Dentures are used to replace your teeth, and each one is constructed for a specific patient. The two main types of dentures are partial and full dentures. Your Shepperton dentist will talk to you about partial dentures if there are good teeth remaining in your mouth. Partial dentures are clasped onto these good teeth for retention. There are many different partial denture designs, and your Shepperton dentist will design a partial denture that best suits your dental needs and wants.
When thinking about full dentures, your upper dentures are usually held in place with suction created between your palate and the base of the denture. Full lower dentures don’t create this suction with your lower ridge, and your tongue and cheeks move and lead to loosening of the denture. Denture adhesives are sometimes used to hold the dentures in place. This is a main reason for trying to keep your natural teeth. Your Shepperton dentist will also present other options to keep your full denture(s) in place, including miniature denture implants (MDIs) or other dental implants. You should keep your denture as clean as possible, and your Shepperton dentist and dental staff will teach you how to perform the necessary tasks.