Shepperton Dental Clinic offers Dental Implants

Dental implants are being used to replace teeth in Shepperton. There is currently a ninety percent 5-yr rate of success for dental implants. Although there are a variety of other procedures being used for teeth that are missing, your Shepperton dentist will let you known the advantages of dental implant placement. Dental implants are one of the best choices in numerous conditions where teeth are not present. They look better and are stronger when compared to other dental procedures, and last. They are used for replacement of a tooth or numerous teeth, along with being used for anchorage of partial and full dentures. This will all be reviewed when you seek advise from your Shepperton dentist.

Shepperton dentists are very well-trained in dental implant placement, but times do occur when patients must be sent to a surgical specialist, especially where the facial anatomy is complex. A dental team combines many talents that the patient deserves to have there teeth properly replaced. But, there are also cases where your dentist can provide all of the necessary procedures to place implants and fabricate the final restoration(s).

Fabricated of titanium alloy, dental implants are shaped as barrels or like screws, and possess an area where the final restoration can be placed. A small opening is made with a pilot drill where the implant will be placed, and a specific dental drill is to be used to make bone access in the area where the implant will be inserted. Your Shepperton dentist is skilled and will prevent injury of uninvolved tissues. A complete dental examination and workup must be performed before the decision is made to replace a missing tooth or teeth with dental implant(s). Your Shepperton dentist is there to help!