Secure dentures with mini-implants from Surbiton dentist

It is an unfortunate probability that many of us will end up wearing dentures at some point during our lives. Whether it be due to some kind of physical trauma from a head injury or because of tooth decay or gum disease, it is common to loose teeth as we get older. However, denture technology has come a long way since the traditional unrealistic dentures of our grandparents’ generation.

Modern dentures are manufactured to be more realistic and to fit the mouth more accurately. Dentures should ideally be kept in place by suction alone but this is sometimes not the case. Many people resort to wearing denture adhesives to hold dentures in place, which can be messy and unpleasant. But there is an alternative to denture adhesives that can provide the necessary degree of reassurance.

Mini-implants are a series of small titanium screws which are anchored directly into the jawbone and act as a solid and permanent base to attach the dentures. Like larger implants, which are used as anchors for single teeth replacements, mini-implants are a very secure and realistic way to attach artificial teeth.

This solid base can provide a great deal of reassurance for denture wearers concerned about embarrassing loose dentures. Mini-implants will last a lifetime if properly maintained and are very resilient to damage. They will be attached by a Surbiton dentist over the course of several appointments spread over several weeks or months, but the long-term security achievable are more than worth the fitting procedure.