Root Canal Treatment in Weybridge

Weybridge dentists will perform a root canal on your tooth, if it is decayed into your pulp or in very close proximity to your pulp and cannot be avoided; that is if you want to save the tooth. The tooth pulp contains the tooth’s nerves, blood supply, connective tissue, etc. When the tooth begins to die, there are several events that can lead to pain and other adverse consequences. Your Weybridge dentist or root canal specialist will use local anaesthesia and drill an access hole into the infected tooth. A rubber dam will then be placed, and then the pulp of the tooth will be removed using the appropriate drills and root canal files, along with chemical solutions to disinfect the inside of the tooth. The tooth will then be thoroughly dried using sterile paper points, and gutta percha (i.e., the root canal filling material) will then be placed into the sterile root canals, in order to prevent future infections in the tooth. This in turn, will also prevent bacterial spread to adjacent teeth. An antibiotic is usually prescribed to help kill all of the remaining bacteria, and then healing can begin. Pain medication may also be prescribed, and the tooth should settle down within 24-48 hours. A dry tooth is more brittle, so a cap may have to be placed to properly restore your tooth.