Residents from the Worcester Park Area Know How to Save their Teeth

When it comes to saving teeth, it is of utmost importance that if you notice any pain or swelling in your mouth, jaw or face to get treatment ASAP. Mulberry Dental Care believes that fast and efficient treatment of infections is needed so that your teeth can be saved and your mouth healed. Root canal treatment is a safe and effective way of treating the infection.

What causes the infection?

Infections are caused by bacteria that live in the mouth managing to get into the root of the tooth. This can happen when there is tooth decay in the mouth, also when fillings leak and also when teeth are damaged by some kind of trauma such as a fall or any hard impact to the mouth.

Once the bacteria get through to the root canal they will then pass out of the end of the root canal leaving a pathway for bacteria to continue to pass down through the root.

The tissue around the canal often becomes red and swollen and extremely painful. Often this causes an abscess and the face can swell up cause a lot of discomfort and disrupt your everyday life. Not a pleasant occurrence.

How can an infection be treated?

At Mulberry Dental Care treating the infection is important, for patients from Worchester and other nearby areas. The bacteria will be removed from the root canal and the hole leading our of the root canal will be filled and sealed with a crown or a filling. A local anaesthetic is normally used and the root canal treatment is able then to save the tooth or teeth that suffered the infection. Result!

It is an extremely successful procedure using the latest disinfection technology and one has to admit, it is a better treatment than dealing with missing teeth as a result of canal infection. If good oral hygiene is then used on a regular basis the treated teeth can last another ten years.